Maintaining Safety of the employees at a Steel Manufacturing plant

Steel manufacturing industry is temperature and pressure intensive and it becomes absolutely necessary to ensure that the Safety measures are prioritized for the benefit of the employees, machinery, and the company as a whole. Safety at work for a manufacturing industry does not restrict to the Machine handling but is far beyond that, including but not limited to Protective gears for the employees, Emergency Safety kits, and even close inspections and training for new workers.

Let us discuss about the Safety of the employees in detail:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
Every employee at the manufacturing plant is equipped with the individual PPE for their safety at all times. The protective package constitutes the Helmets and Head gears to protect the head and the entire face from any accidents, Body suits to protect from the high temperatures, industrial gloves to handle machinery and products, headphones for areas with loud mechanical noises, and also protective Footwear. Protecting an employee’s well-being ensures that they are provided with a Safe and healthy work space to mettle their skills.

Emergency Safety Kits:
Accidents are unpredictable but preparing for any accident is instrumental so that a small or minor accident does not turn into a life-threatening one. A manufacturing unit provided with accessible emergency kits is better equipped to take care of a situation than one without. Emergency kits can cover everything from a Fire Extinguisher, First Aid supplies, thick ropes, to life jackets, etc. Making an industrial level Emergency Safety Kit available for the employees ensures that the required steps can be taken immediately.

Training and Inspections:
It is key to ensure that the employees are trained well and retrained after a period about the handling of the PPE and the Emergency kits to give them the right education about the usages. Provision of these safety equipment would be useless without the skills to correctly use and operate them. It is therefore important for every employee to be aware of, and trained on using the necessary equipment at the manufacturing plants.

At Agni Steels, we take Safety very seriously and ensure that our workers are always protected and have a well-equipped and safe environment to work in. All our employees are trained and educated about how they should protect themselves and their surroundings at all times.


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