To do or not to do - for Storage of TMT bars

The constant rise in the demand of the TMT steel bars with the ongoing growth and development throughout the country, it is imperative that the handling and storage of these bars is properly maintained. The production of these bars is done on a large scale to meet the demands and therefore a proper maintenance of the storage facilities is to be carried out.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow for the storage of TMT bars:

  • It is important to prevent corrosion and decay of the product to maintain its quality and protect its pristine quality. For this, it is important to maintain a dry area for storage and ensure the place is dampness-proof and is handled with care.
  • To maintain the temperature inside the area, it is important to have good ventilation for the space. This will also take care of any fluctuations inside and outside of the storage area.
  •  If the TMT bars are not going to be shipped immediately or are to be stored for long periods, they need to be properly packaged or covered to ensure quality maintenance.
  • The number of TMT bars to be stored together is also an important factor to consider for storage. Also, stacking of these bars over one another should be properly calculated as any major accidents can harm the physical properties of the bars.
  • It is important to include tags of manufacturing dates or any other specific system to follow; to understand the period of storage for the TMT bars.
  • Do not keep the TMT bars directly on the floor to avoid any transfer of dust particles or water droplets.
  • Ensure there are no water leaks inside or around the storage area to avoid any corrosion of the product
  • Avoid any contact with corrosive materials, chemicals, paints and plating of storage cases/containers, etc. at all costs
  • Storage cabinets/containers should not be made with materials that react directly with Steel or can absorb water from the surroundings
  • Do not cover or fill the entire storage space with the product, as this may lead to accidents due to stacking and over-piling. Maintain a proper production to shipping ratio in order to ensure a smooth storage process.

Storage of the finished product is as important as manufacturing and should be therefore not taken lightly as this may affect the physical and chemical properties of the material. Any damage or deterioration of the product may result in huge monetary losses to the company.

Agni Steels is always aware of maintaining a steady and seamless storage process to ensure the keep their promise of delivering quality products to their clients consistently.

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