What ensures Agni Steels’ TMT Steel rods are superior to others?

Being one of the few large-scale TMT Steel rod manufacturers of India, Agni Steels incorporates innovative technology for its production. Over the course of the past 26 years, we have provided quality over quantity through our TMT steel rods. The exemplary quality of our TMT Steel rods represents our drive for safer homes, by constantly improving the quality through modernized machinery. We host a number of controlled processes and patrols at our manufacturing facility, to ensure we always deliver the best quality products that match International Standards.

 Here are a few ways in which Agni Steels separates itself as a TMT Steel rod manufacturer:
  1.  Skilled workers: The technicians, workers, and operators are well trained and experienced regarding in-plant practices and safety practices. Every employee at Agni Steels goes through a rigorous training period for theoretical and practical knowledge about the safety measures, operating machineries, equipment, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), safety valves, fire alarms, etc. We also have expert technicians available on site to ensure that newer technologies are introduced seamlessly and regularly checked. Our highly trained employees are our company’s biggest treasure, for their faith has contributed to the development of Agni Steels through the years. 
  2. Raw materials: Only the finest quality raw materials are used for the production of TMT Steel rods at our manufacturing facility. We import the best quality Sponge Iron and Coke, to manufacture our billets. The quality of our raw materials affects the quality of the billets thus produced, which then alters the quality of our finished product – TMT Steel rods. Thus, maintaining the quality of raw materials is quintessential for maintaining the international standards for strength, endurance, and ductility. The sponge iron, coke, and billets are processed in such a way that their properties are maintained, in order to produce the best quality final products.
  3.  Machinery and equipment: The rolling mills, CCM (Continuous Casting Machine), Furnaces, Heat exchangers, coolants, the Direct Control Systems (DCS), etc. are an integral part of our manufacturing facility. We maintain the assembly line ‘up and running’ at all times, to suffice the demand for our TMT rods. The equipment is fully operational and can be shifted to any percent of capacity for production. We have also constructed a dedicated building for inventory and storage, and a workshop for odd metal works and jobs for forging.  
  4. Field Tests and inspections: Our manufacturing facility is inspected regularly for quality control tests and operational optimization. These inspections are carried out in order to maintain our company’s BB grade and to maintain the quality of our TMT bars based on the guidelines provided by Infrastructure Ministry. Our rods are subjected to rigorous tests and defective bars are re-melted and re-forged. This makes sure that our customers will always receive the best quality TMT Steel rods.
  5. Upgrades and Innovations: As an organization, we believe in incorporating the best available procedures and machinery for our manufacturing plant. Ensuring that our unit is subjected to steady upgrades and futuristic innovations, allows us to produce products fit for the modern developments. Utilizing Green Energy from windmills for our power requirements was one such step we employed in recent times.

 Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is well equipped to offer a range of high strength TMT Steel rods. Stronger TMT rods are essential for reinforcing RCC structures and adding tensile strength to the Cement-Concrete Mixture. Our drive for improving the quality of our TMT steel rods is paving way for the development of our organization. Agni Steels has built trust with the customers, and we hope to continue providing our services for building robust homes.

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